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Top 10 reasons why we going to the Social Retail Conference

We are excited to be going to the first Modere Social Retail Conference (SRC) in Adelaide this month and here’s why:

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5 budget friendly things to do for Valentines Day

How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day?

The commercialisation of Valentine’s Day makes buying a card ($5-$10), flowers ($10 – $50), gifts ($$$) and a nice dinner out ($100+) a costly event and can add financial pressure on couples living on a tight budget.

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Modern Day Super Heroes partners with Modere to improve the planet

We want to make living green and clean sexy. Let’s shop smarter and live clean for better health and for the planet. It’s not an easy goal but we are up for the challenge and have some fun along the way.

Modere launched in Australia in August 2015 and we have been so excited to be partnering with this amazing Live Clean brand. It’s now been 5 months and we are excited about making a difference in 2016 with some exciting new natural skincare products due to be launched in February at the Social Retail Conference.

Here are some photos of the exclusive Modere Launch Party!


Asthma Causing Agents hiding in your Fabric Softeners


Did you know fabric softeners contains toxic ingredients that are bad for your health and the environment?

I love to go travelling but I dread if we don’t bring our own laundry products overseas because of the amount of chemicals used on my clothes when they go into the wash. People often mistake the clean fragrant smell of freshing washed clothes as a good thing. But all I can smell is a cocktail of toxic chemicals hiding in the washing powdervsnd fabric softeners.

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How to store rotten and over ripe bananas

I love bananas. They are nature’s gift of prepackaged goodness but sometimes you just can’t get through all of the bananas before they go rotten. But you don’t need to throw them out as there is so much still you can do with them.
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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– Hippocrates

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